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DIY Painting Bear kit

DIY Painting Bear kit

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 DIY Painting Bear kit offers a unique and creative experience for you and your kids. This kit includes a fluid bear toy model and color combination set, allowing you and your kids to unleash artistic skills and spend very fun time together. Also it can be perfect gift for adults or cool idea for the date night.

Welcome to bring your own tools: gloves, paint containers, trays or bear containers.
Step 1: Pour the paint into the container according to the color ratio of the paint you shot, without stirring. (3 colors and pigments are recommended)
Step 2: Slowly pour the prepared paint from the bear's head into the container (reusable).
The third piece of cloth: put it aside and wait for it to dry naturally.

Pigment material: vinyl
Pigment: 60ML
White embryo material: enamel
Size: as shown in the figure

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